About HomeGrown Bakery

HomeGrown Bakery is baking delicious grain free pastries right out of Portland Oregon. We use our own blend of only Coconut and almond flour that’s packed with protein. Our ingredients are naturally gluten free, grain free & dairy free. Many other gluten free flour substitutes are nutrition-less and empty.

We use local organic honey and occasionally coconut sugar, instead of refined sugars or agave. We are local in Portland, Oregon and we try and keep our product that way, using ingredients closest to us whenever possible.

So if the pastry tastes familiar, maybe it’s because it’s HomeGrown Bakery. Check out our full list of product offerings!

Eat well!

Paleo / Grain Free?

Eating a grain-free / Paleo diet is the elimination of all grains including wheat, rice, corn, barley, rye and oats from your diet. People with Celiac, wheat allergies or other digestive conditions have difficulty tolerating these grains. Many people find that they need to eliminate all grains from their diet to feel better. People following a paleo diet eat more nutritional foods such as fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Thousands of people worldwide are experiencing significant relief or improvement from many conditions including: Crohn's disease, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, Autism, arthritis, ADD, Schizophrenia, auto-immune disorders, Metabolic Syndrome X, insulin resistance and many more illnesses and disorders.

Improvements from above conditions have been noted possible by eliminating grains and sugars from your diet.

We also cater to people on the "Specific Carbohydrate diet"

Home Grown Bakery bakes tasty paleo / grain-free pastries to suit your current health, comfort and future!

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News and Events

9th Annual Gluten Free Food Fair

Saturday May 18th, 2013 - HomeGrown Bakery is proud to start the release of their pastries. We will be sampling and selling products at Mittleman Jewish Community Center in Portland, Oregon from 11a-3p. Come meet us and try our delicious products. Read More...>>

Contact Information

Phone: 503.880.1726
Email: Justin@HomeGrownBakery.com

Mailing Address: 1631 NE Broadway #155 Portland, OR 97232